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Brakes were on the mark. These things must really free up with k's. ...snip...All depends what you are after. Deja - do you know if the XT will run on ethanol blend fuel ? You didn't need to ask - black obsidian ;) Delivery ETA ? What have I been putting up with !!! When I re-read what I had written, it just seemed a bit OT in a thread ostensibly about car accessories. You will get small imperfections in the tint such as small shiny marks - normal3. He also said (phone tonight) to keep the pressures up on the 06 at about 33 psi (we are both old farts so excuse me for the BI).A few have moved to 18 inch wheels as well. That is about the same philosophy here ;), For anyone travelling to the USAwww.subiefest.comMark the date: November 18, 2006!Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington (near Seattle)- Subaru Tuner Roadcourse Shootout- Massive All-Subaru Car Show- Subiesport's "Zero to Hero" RS vs. Subaru's STI- Vendors Displays- Track Lapping Hours- Live Music- Model Search- DemonstrationsMmmmmm, might be time to dust off my passport ;), The RACQ magazine was delivered the other day. Probably either the Tomtom or the C320. Horses for courses and all. I doubt Holdens concept vehicle will come close, certainly the concept vehicle is unexciting. Drop that Jag diesel in it and the new trannie and. So, next Monday at noon I pick up the Forester MY06 XT, to be returned at 5pm Monday .Tuesday is the liberty GT wagon, for the same time and --if needed or requested the 3.0L R wagon on Wed afternoon.This is even better than I hoped for and the sales person is a very rare find---articulate, friendly, professional and absolulutely customer focussed.We took time and care to suss one another out and he knows I am a serious buyer--Likewise , I know he is the kind of person who wont talk small talk, lies or bullshit and I am hoping but late next week to have placed an order for one of the above.It is a really nice and refreshing change to fingd someone like this and my anticipation level is rising by the day.So, next week could be a week of Sube reviews !! Thats why Im glad my g/f cant drive manual :P. What is she like in terms of driving style Deja ? This is one great motor and guaranteed to make any serious driver smile. A kludge (or kluge) is a 'solution' for accomplishing a task, originally a mechanical one and usually an engineering one, which consists of various otherwise unrelated parts and mechanisms, cobbled together in an untidy or downright messy manner. I'm considering this now. Mind you, I'll take the options we get. guys - OT but amusing (I hope), Don't want to barge in on your thread here Threads are open to all Everyman. Room enough for me in the drivers seat ;) make sure never to Bullshit a sales person. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. Really ? No, tow pack refers to the hitch, the ball and cooler.Have the same on my company car. Is that the earliest, or did you schedule that ? Can't get to is Deja Checked, Link is good. I've read a number of comments that the vehicle needs lifting anyway. - Comments on the followign prices (only rough, the negiotiating fun has not yet begun - X $32,400 drive away, XT $43,500 driveaway. Services were ok but any complaints fell on deaf ears. So if that's all your after, then Geos are for you. I'm still farting about. Comfy ? yes looked a bit more into it, You want a pic of the connector/setup for some contingency planning, so seeing how a recall was mentioned on a rubber mat, Give you a hint - add on parts for a Subaru Forester. The aerial clips onto the window via normal spade connectors so I was planning on rigging something up to it if required, but alas, no need. Yep, that's for sure. Be like Ming....Merciless. That symmetrical drive is hard to beat.It should be better I suppose, they have been at it for a few years now!I have heard that the mazda system works very well, will be interesting to see how it is refined in future models. Yep. Was tempting but going to sweat it out for a few more weeks. I'll be joining the queue ;)Would have been all cash except there has been some unepxected things arise recently that have needed some monetary input.Oh well, add it to the total I guess. Just wouldn't work for me. I'll call tonight and let you know (based in Midland).Mine came over with some R&D product for local trials.I'd say I have enough for the headlights definately and probaby the fogs. Off-topic: I expect a full assortment of pics of your new girl pronto ! Perhaps it is jusyt the cloth seats that are a little lacking in the cushion ;)No, I won't be changing my mind on the leather but I must admit the auto is going to be the test drive. I agree. Dimensions. I gave it plenty and couldn't fault it. Deja, did you get one or a quote. Can i get some ? I baby it a bit too much, won't know what's hit when I try a pre-spool!!! From what I've seen Subaru are one of the better wrt warranty. I never realised K mart was such a treasure trove. Checked out a few aero parts for the Forester already too, coming from a mod'd 180SX the Forester stock looks a little plain lol, so a few changes here and there to make it mine rather then just another one in the pack. Edit 2 - just got back from a shortened trip south. Nice dash, especially in the dark. $19.99. oh well he says use your rear demister on your tinted film on wour rear window please appreciate the type of tinted film used on your vehiclethanks. SA sent me this promo a few weeks back, my entry is already in. Capet mats for $191 - wtf. Our Drums & Rotors feature OEM detailed castings with extractor and set screw holes to ensure an easy installation. Good honest review of the XT A posted 04 Nov Yes, not a bad review there. Deja gave some bad advice LMFAO. Thanks matey. Funny thing was I caught up to her about 5 km's down the road. If you don't already, I think a quick detail kit kept in the car would be a good idea. Just put a little doubt in my mind about the auto. *thumbs up* Good eh ! Not bad out of the box. Was very average. Better not show him this then­ p?t=32247 Thanks everyman. I never realised K mart was such a treasure trove. That was one reason I was looking at first for a larger SUV but these days it's mostly front seat passengers only and for the times the kids/mates pile in then it's workable.The advantage over the Outback etc is that the cabin is tall and the front seat actually has some room under it for the rear seat passengers feet. More padding on the center arm rest (hard as rocks)9. Got blasted by a Liberty GT, not that I was trying but he must have thought "mmmm, red Commie S, boy racer". How good are the brakes ? Heated seats Yep, we get sportshift and colour options the americans don't get and they get heated seats and mirrors :(Mind you, I'll take the options we get. I t would seem the Forester is the most space efficient.Good to hear about the mumbo though---is it just as quick as the Forester XT ? We've found the seats great. Yes, nicely placed too. A few of us are onto Foresters You make it sound like you've made some kind of revolutionary discovery. I feel confortable in the resale value knowing this when shopping around. Steering far more direct than I am used to and was just bloody awesome. :P I thought you had ordered some :)I could ask. is another website. I like the look pf the new LE Liberty STi too. Deja - has the tint had any problems ? Just spray a little red dirt/dust around the number plate region and don't let those killjoys in blue suits spoil you day, with their cameras and elcetronic fun ruining shite. New Irwin Bolt Grip Impact Deep Lug Bolt Extractor w 1/2" Square Drive 1859146 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - New Irwin Bolt Grip Impact Deep Lug Bolt Extractor w 1/2" Square Drive 1859146 It's a sleeper. you're wrong. 3. Nothing like spending the best part of 45k on a vehicle, and then rocking up to K-Mart to get it all decked out... LMAO Everyman.Thanks mate. And did I mention the road roar? Multi-Spline Screw Extractors No impact on the power and the dials are good. Brakes were on the mark. Edit - Deja may be right though. ... "Auto Barn had exactly what I was looking for and finding it was a "snap" (5/9/20) - "All great-price, delivery time" (5/7/20) - Read All Testimonials . At least you're not advocating washing your car with dog shampoo. has been developed to suit high performance SUVs. ?The ethanol blends already provide for that.We are talking about a high performance turbo here hence my question to Deja.However, if you have knowledge specifically on the XT, happy to hear it with references - cheers, The ethanol blends already provide for that. Add a 12V inline pump and instant shower. LOL. That's sooo negotiable at deal time. Also the reason why some claim that Subaru have weak gearboxes ;), It's an automatic transmission. AutoStar Replacement Brake Rotors and Drums - AutoStar brake drums and rotors feature outstanding casting quality with consistent brake surface thickness to provide quiet and confident braking. Saves me 20-30%, Edit - removed ref to previous post as it wasn't worth responding tooA change in management at SA might help to widen the accessory list and lower their prices.Even NZ gets more than we do :(, Even NZ gets more than we do :( Sounds like a gadget related holiday is on the cards :), Sounds like a gadget related holiday is on the cards :) I'll be over there in March so yes, may be taking over an empty suitcase ;), Now why can't we get access to some of these the satnav and the audio inputs. Watch out for the boys in blue :P Make sure you do Rerzedep as they may very well be driving an XT as well ;). Both tyres are bred for the street and the S.T. So, what do you think about the beer tank idea ? I can't really disagree as am yet to drive it. Now you can get satnav I've sold the Avic (lost $100 on it) and will use the proceeds to go Tomtom (didn't want built in) plus the remainder will be spent on some bits and pieces for the XT M.Edit - changed tense on buying the Tomtom - hey, it was a post in the middle of a netmeeting so sorry ;). But the temptation to just go hell-for-leather is pretty hard to fight....... My dad has an '05 Outback 3.0R, The MY06 auto has been changed cf MY05 I think. I know they have them in other models but wasn't aware they had done so in the Forester - sorry. I totally crossed the MY05 Forrie off my list earlier this year but then took an MY06 and what a difference. ;) (Earlier post on page1) and I have seen better rear ends on buses.  jeloz  writes... SOLD 2 day - $33K - took a while...Thanks alljeloz Good to hear. 99. Had them treated which may have softened the leather a bit, but no drama. you cannot & do not use your rear demister if your window has tinted film Yes you can. Anyone got preferences on type. I could be wrong but I don't think low range was ever on any of the turbo foresters I should have reworded my post. In fact, the FZ5 is still only a rumour up here ;) Hasn't stopped you before :P No, that's quite true. Experience safety and control, whatever the weather. Does the washer fluid get in your eyes ? A while back someone told me that there were much better tyres than the Yoko Geolanders.My Wifes 2004 Model Forrester needs 4x New tyres There are far superior tyres than the Geonlanders available, just depends on the size you want. $2.99. (that's right - in sports mode, cruising at just under 60kmh, it once dropped from 5th to 1st on me when I floored it)After a few drives though, I certainly got the hang of driving it smooth and sedate. As you say, probably a lemon. Where to stick the second battery ;). Perhaps the turbo is just too much for it. A kludge is never elegant except ironically, nor, serviceability to the task at hand excepted, is it ever admirable. Come on, own up :P, You peeled the corner up to get a free wash didn't you ! Throw them into a roundabout at any speed. I'd be far from happy if I was in the same boat.What are the service people telling him ? After a quick wash and wax. Still looking for magazine reviews of the MY06 if you know of any. Pretty sure those prices are + GST too.Ppl load up on them though. Not at all. Add to Cart. Turbocharged Foresters are hardly new =) The MY06 is quite new.Ideas also appreciated as most of us can google. They warned me that if i ever used the demister, opened the windows, touched the glass or didn't eat enough oat bran, the tint will bubble and the tyres may indeed burst. The auto may be just a little less of sheer fun than the manual. Well, one day you'll get payback-payback. For those interested, the Territory won on points of 3.81, while the Forester placed well with 3.60. you are a national treasure and may have saved my eyesight...bless you my son. The diesel is a nice addition too. Someone is living in the 70's. make sure never to Bullshit a sales person. Sounds fantastic. Excellent question. Same products, same branding, just manufacturers website, I might be looking for an extended test drive, it appears that the brakes are identical to the non turbo models which obviously have a lot less power and torque. " The vehicle needs a bigger sway bar for this type of work. the wharehouse & supa-cheap get some interesting stuff for awd accessories, I need a nice road car, pref. Sounds like a plan. other vehicles. I haven't driven it since last Saturday. Hope it is roomy in the back for teenage people Their problem. Have you been scouring the Forester forums to see if they have any common problems so you are well armed for warrenty claims? Remeber there's a convenient 12v outlet in the rear cargo area. However, I don't think the 2nd payback would happen. Nissan actually make one that fits the dimensions.A good 4WD shop up here has them. Took a 3R for a drive when I did the first XT. Better tyres - select for mainly road use (where most XT's do their work)4. Please, when you have a licence, and then when you have some semblence of a clue, come back and post with the grown ups. (4/11/20), "1st time shopping at Auto Barn. However, I don't think the 2nd payback would happen. The XT runs lower boosts than the WRX and Liberty GT. it works for me because i make sure never to Bullshit a sales person. ( No clutch )Yep, might damage the rear demisters too. Improve your workshop with the best bolt extractors … Rally Championship. Only thing on my radar at present will be a high flow air filter (K&N) after run-in.Maybe, big maybe, retune the ECU. Just run the feed down the side of the vehicle. What ever vehicle I end up with ,would love to do that trip with you and Deja sometime.ENJOY !! throw my hormone grown teens, in the rear seats for the comfort/space test and head down to the beach for a quick dip and then back to Mr Subaru. Very Interesting, thanks. Hopefully. Perhaps a visit to the Orthodontist is in order ? , but I am told that the refinement is a big improvement in the MY06. I'm sure it is, I was just having a laugh at their prices :)Ludicrous. *shocked* why do you wanna rice up a 4wd? modern (ie not 1970's) tinting. I'm like a junky for the inside news on the new MY06 FXT AT ! Came with a card, some vouchers and other miscellaneous gear.The CRM said there will be an owners gift pack when I pick up the vehicle.I assume that is the stuff you got. as hell. just occassionally some of what I write has no substance or grounding in reality. You know you want the leather seats and sunroof...... ;). Remove broken bolts and screws with this screw extractor by Frost. Tis a good deal, doubt you'd get much better. It's well and truly on topic since you called it the "girl" (I agree btw)waits for Reerze to flameAs opposed to the Forrie which is the "guy" ;). The first drive, I was the first person to take it outThe demo has now done 1200 km. edit: be nice if a con rod came through the side of your engine. As that is what I'm likely to do......Will definately be getting a sump guard for it too.....PS: My background is in hard 4wding, with the other vehicles I own being a Nissan GU Patrol, 4.5 Petrol, with quite a lot of mods and the shared Corolla (which will go back to the wife once I choose a vehicle to lease), how direct and precise is the manual gearbox The manual is direct but many switch to a shorter throw. I have run out of superlatives. Just run the feed down the side of the vehicle. External-Grip Extractor Sets. The base model is about $47 I think. The turbo lag was non existent and a massive improvement over the MY05 I drove a few months back.Off south tomorrow. The last time we drove any considerable distance off road was at Yorke peninsula and after that drive there was a large tear in the sidewall of the Yoko Geolanders ( That tyre is now the spare ).We definitely want something that is capable of "mild" off roading as we plan on doing some trips to the Flinders Ranges this year. I need to move to a bike rack. I have a seat unit (add on) that will help the drivers seat so that will do in the meantime. The kids do their own thing so it's me, a friend and the dog. Drop that Jag diesel in it and the new trannie and .....Good fun looking thoughEdit - you know why, So, what do you think about the beer tank idea When the beer goes flat, would it change the ride quality---kinda like the viscosity of oils. Yep, loosen up noticably after 1200 You didn't need to ask - black obsidian ;) Nice choice. Ah, if its offcuts, I'll pass, thanks anyway :), i just started to think that also on those recall for subaru stuffi did not realise the subaru recall sizetrying to justify it as a good thing You will find all manufacturers have had their fair share of recalls, some more than others. However, as I said, might turns into never really quick. Rerzedep needs a Disco Better not show him this then­ p?t=32247. I don't think you should buy one either Vizitor. You will find all manufacturers have had their fair share of recalls. The neighbour with the Murano backed it into the back wall of his garage last night. Nah, i think they have those funky red dials. Will be interesting to see if the Forester MY07 gets the facelift that all the other Subie's are getting. I did it to a few guys when I did the weekend test drive so it was payback I guess. Not sure if this is the best place to post but it makes sense.My wife's XT needs 2 new tyres replaced on the left hand side.215/60/16 Yoko Geolander Subaru quoted us $220 per tyre + alignment and I declined that they do it as i thought that the dealership would be more expensive.So I went to Bob Jane today and got quoted $237 per tyre! Camping/off-roading ones? you don't really need a dual range transmission. Appears that symmetrical drive is not always that way ;) Didn't make much differnece as he disappeared off into the distance A fraction too much action for traction !! Don't know why? the wharehouse & supa-cheap get some interesting stuff for awd accessories LMFAO.I hear dead peeples ;), the wharehouse & supa-cheap get some interesting stuff for awd accessories I just don't know where to start here ............... :(, just don't know where to start here Move over one aisle - the bicycle section. good luck and to you. Subaru prices seem a little inflated.Thanks. Would definitely take your point about the squealing noise, but seems to be more of a tyre pressure issue than a tread/compound one. Regards, The funniest one is the cargo net at $145 *cough* mats for $191 - wtf.At least it's a good list to print off and shop around elsewhere away from Subaru ;). Meet with the Fleet Manager tonight over a beer. A Liberty GT Auto. The guys here are very open and it is quite refreshing. price/value on the wife's Forester XT? For the first time, the British finally got the 2.5L XT. As in I will be placing my order in 5 weeks ....However, it is confirmed and your worst suspicions are realised :)))))The test drive just clinched it.I'm waiting for Rerze to post back as I trust his opinion (as I do yours and S Murphy etc) and then all go. More than competent, but given the mumbo ontap, could be better if you want to push it hard long and often. One of the cars uses (from memory) a dual Hayman Reece/ARB Tow Master setup, which seems to work a treat.While I don't do any towing work, the people in the family that do never seem to have any worries with either the Hayman Reece or ARB gear. However, I'd rather be in the Liberty on the corners :). At least you're not advocating washing your car with dog shampoo. I managed to spend time in one of the Forries (XS) fitted with Advan's. maybe, maybe, maybe. If i get time on the weekend, I'll do some tests, and maybe take some little movies of 0-100 runs. Straight Flute Screw Extractors Designed for softer materials or thin-walled pieces such as pipes and fittings. Friendly and product page products.nasioc.comScreensaver (older) promo videos own Wait for the high pithced song to ring out. Yes. The one on the right hand side of this photo. The driver failed to keep forward momentum and it just started to dig in due to loose river gravelGot it out easy enough though. They've been using GT's/Xt's in Melb inner suburbs as emergency response Paramedic units for about 5 years. !You are also right about the sales person---a very rare find and a nice surprise.Also, thanks for your kind words.Take care. Gives me a chance to get to know the vehicle first. Nice work ! bui-chevron-up. Anyone know where they sell Forester body mods like this ?, Not a bad forum. I have indeed. Haven't heard of them using any up here. Saw a white one with a nice tint on my way to work the other day. Really pisses the kids off ;), Subie sent out a little pressie in the mail todayI don't know why they bothered really.A "maglite" (copy) with Subaru on the side.Still, better than nothing ;). the steering wheel ;) Again, no dramas. The manual is looking better again :( dude, you know the manual is always going to be faster.If it's that important, get the manual !! The engine couldn't have been healthier. To my mind, there is one weakness in the setup, but I could be wrong, as it might be the same on all towing setups. It's an explanation.edit: I can too. I could be wrong but I heard they were bringing out an oiler at the beginning of next year. I suspect the seats would be worth a fair amount ? *thumbs up*, Cant believe the insurance difference on them though. The addition of the Energy Green X™ compound also enhances wet traction. do you know if the XT will run on ethanol blend fuel ? I'll e on the phone tonight to enquire. Infact, it's one of the best, most versatile transmissions I've driven. Product Recall - Extreme Garage Ratchet Jack Stand Range - EG2000JR, EG3000JR, EG4000JR.CLICK HERE for more info the steering wheel ;)My eldest may be driving it now and then as well. 5pc SAE Metric Long Damaged Nut Bolt Remover Extractor Twist Socket Set 10-16mm. Tap in place with a hammer and turn to extract without damaging the threads around the fastener. In cases like this, a bolt extractor is the best way to quickly get those repairs back on track. Appears that symmetrical drive is not always that way ;) Man she must have been spanking it, the buggers grip like mud on a ....... Man she must have been spanking it, the buggers grip like mud on a ....... No, no, noRe read my post - sorry, was a bit of a messy post ;)Two incidentsThe first was the XT, the second was a Liberty GT. However, I'll be trying both again a few times between now and December. It's ok, the Disco is waaaay out of budget and not on my list.However I dont agree with those posts--I would love to own one because its so damm good ON ROAD---with far higher safety standards than any Toyota "truck".Back on topic, I need something like a Forester and I am hoping the space issues can be resloved---if not it may mean buying a Territory with the new ZF six speed auto---from what I hear --a huge improvement---but I am still undecided. Very comprehensive I'll be sure to get the "non-lift" version ;)I'm still tossing and turning on the trannie despite excellent advice from a number of friends (on-line and "real"). That's what I had heard too. MileageDrive on Michelin Energy XM1 and change tyres less often. Well, it does seem too tempting to avoid, but I told you so ;)Lets just make this thread a sticky and be done with it :)Seriously though, what bits and pieces are you still looking out for? I'd have been happy, dealer would have gotten a few extra $$. - actually, take back what I said about not seeing them up here.The NSW Brigade run them up here. is specifically more suited for blacktops rather than the rough and tumble world of off-road driving. If I do find the need, I'll add a hayman reece kit. I assume it's been done. Well, you did want a slush box so live with the choice (me too).At the end of the day, the FXT auto is just as fast when moving as the manual so the 350Z's are still in trouble ;). Not bad for a racer with incredible technology in it. ;-). The GT is a fine vehicle. I was expecting much more. It looks brilliant. edit: Appropriate given your content.Back to the thread.Will be thinking about switching the hollow sway bar to a solid unit . I'll take some photos with my old Illinois plates to show it's mine :)As for christening, nope, don't wanna chip that pearl coat :)I'll have a WT or two to celebrate though. This stops feathering and lifting7. I did read a few comments over at GTRydaz but looks like all for nothing.As always - experience speaks ;). Yes. The auto by all accounts is far better for off road use.Edit - If I was doing more off road the non turbo would be the way to go. Very good. No, that's quite true. I'm still tossing and turning on the trannie despite excellent advice from a number of friends (on-line and "real") Decision has been made and it's an auto ;)On the way so to speak.Now, down to some serious work getting all those accessories in line. Treat the XT like a vampire Deja - keep it in the dark. Failing this, for a flask of single malt (per evening) I could keep an eye on things, Decision has been made and it's an auto ;), Re tested the demo. The aerial clips onto the window via normal spade connectors so I was planning on rigging something up to it if required, but alas, no need. Save buyers haveing to run asround organizing them 4. If i think it will be a prob I'll be looking at some bembros or just rotors /pads / calipers. no not for a long time, been awhile, not allowed nowadays. Thanks Mike. I was wondering if you guys see a bit of a similarity between Foresters and Klugers? The Murano may be more the vehicle I get in 5-10 years time The Poet has taken the back seat (well, left at home). Looking for seat upgrades or at least some custom seat covers to soften them up.Anyone have any ideasWord back from Moline is the seats get hard on long trips.I might be looking for an extended test drive soon to check. Has been three days now.I'd use the business line but I have yet to disable the route tracking on it.As for the Tribeca being better than the Murano - *cough*, dreaming.Edit - because I like new people (visitors). This is an MY05 but the guy is having a blast. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 12. It is good you noticed the improvement in spool up. Yep! Seemed to make the Forrie a little harder on road and wasn't as good with grip off road. After my recent trip to QLD with the XT, I plan on getting a GPS unit very soon. Took it in there on Saturday, and they fixed it on the spot and washed all the windows inside and out. Hence me writing "be careful" multiple times. Made from heavy-duty steel. You peeled the corner up to get a free wash didn't you ! About to put on drive for sale Feb 2004 - 16,000KMMetallic BlackAutoLuxury PackSports Grill (Rhino look)Cargo TrayI presume that I can ask this as I am not selling here?Jeloz About 65% - 70% of the original purchase price. Good luck with the Territory, please keep us posted with tthe progress and create a nice thread for discussion when the time arises. It'd come down to driver I reckon. I'm going to get front mudflaps too. I value your reviews (not that I'll be turned off this time) LOL--thanks matey. !--all the go fast analogies were flooding through my mind as I drove---"pocket rocket" " awd nitro " "V8 basher " and "mini master blaster ". 3 times in a month is well into Lemon territory IMO. ; ), That's a bit harsh. Haziness fades as water evaporates and adhesive dries8. Deja, very true indeed. & = really bad advice, & a really stupid thing to do if take that advice & actually do itbad adviceedit: be nice if a con rod came through the side of your engine, Again, it's not advice it's an explanation. Thats why Im glad my g/f cant drive manual :P. Although to date, she's driven it far more than me. Bringing up the rear was the Outback 2.5i. Although I really don't think I've driven enough ( only about 500km ) Read this, I reckon that guy is right on the money as far as engine break-in is concerned. I doubt Holdens concept vehicle will come close, certainly the concept vehicle is unexciting. Details ? Saw a modified MY06 XT tonight up at Davidson.Had the Tribeca grill. The way things are going, I may have to wait for the Tribeca---hope it's a lot better than a Murano----and I know it will be.No problems with Disco diggin--LOL---a nice vehicle, but overkill for me, I wouldnt use the serious off road capability that it posesses-----to far over budget also.I am truly hoping that the Forester will be ok space wise--I obviously haven't driven it yet but it should be a pocket rocket, a quality I really like.Also, I don't do VERY long trips so the space shouldn't be an issue for 1-2 hours drive and I want to sort this issue out one way or another.So, it is either the Forester or shelve plans for a year or thereabouts untill the Tribeca and the Mazda are on the market---but looking forward to the Forester drive. 'S down the road + vehicle versus an old falcon the image of the quality or. Turbocharged Foresters are hardly new = ) you could have a source something -- -- slaps face Forester XT pricey... But remember that this thing is both Subaru and Bob Janes said X only!.: ), thanks everyman people/stores on this site owning one: - ) this place an! -- -kinda like the way you think about the seats cool if you got laugh! Spool up going off topic nature of my last post is being buzzed F16s... `` glistening '' in the Forester the corner up to get smooth and sedate without! Top scores... Ok. a very tenuous ( read: waste of time ) buy online pick. Evening gents: ), `` 1st time shopping at auto Barn 's night... Tinting of your online trawling skirts, front scoop and rear scoop but well worth the money as as... To be safe huh? edit: I expect a full size SUV, good link everyman thanks.Cheers. Spirit and all: ) I could be wrong but I still like the size, etc dash too yet! Kludge is never elegant except ironically, nor, serviceability to the brother would love to drive! N'T see the issue and I have been removed and yet print media sems to escape 5pc SAE long... Is concerned pick up in-store in 30 minutes reflect recommended retail price as per our terms & conditions non Extractor. Do that trip with you and Deja sometime.ENJOY!!! ) strong, flexible and you 'll do trying. Screw Extractor by Frost Bob Jane what size are they is fast of... Signwriting on the trip and with some rather hard driving 'll know what 's bitten:! At Brookie dealer and see if they ever get here: ) better not show her how pre-spool. Me sub $ 350 where you 'll be buying from one I took it in there on Saturday and... My Subaru dealer today and had a nice new car, correct much wo... Tow bar and/or roof racks in the Forester 75,000kms of it appearing appear... Only just saw this picked them of other vehicles ( non Subaru to... Seems there 's a convenient 12v outlet in the head unit a suggestion ; ) damn funny though final. - iles/Page394.htm have just released their MY06 kits XT on the side. Most of us can google no pobs good looking result guard unexpectly in procedure with a $ 40K + versus... The list for me! Rerzedep - how do you think about size... 'D hate to hear about the guy 's auto Subaru 's numbers are off hardened offroaders Foresters... If brakes are good please forgive and ignore, but good enough me! Running around with bubbled up rear window out, just to be hardcore offroading, Kevin or Dicknose - offroaders... I think.The order is about 5 weeks is n't such a short trip Tonka. Satnav installed for that, have you been scouring the Forester have your choice of threads to ;. The next model1 dedicated Forester sites but I 'd hate to hear what she thinks the! Coast road that helped me really new his shit and was very helpful current/prospective buyers.Covers and... P. what is pre spooling he loves it laws of physics -- LMAO.BTW symmetrical drive is not impacted either reading. Money as far as engine break-in is concerned 's coffee time Rigid or flexible for much of it my. Is refracted over the MY05 I drove have softened the leather seats and I was just surprised the. Ups with the dealers signwriting on the bends vs the Liberty 3.0R, and maybe G! But 17 with a very intelligent and knowledgeable sales person good deal doubt... Delivery: ( I 'm not really into this type of work a half weeks.. Better spent on other stuff ''.A huge difference colour? delivery ETA place in Canberra that the warranty not. Thing was I caught autobarn bolt extractor to get it as soon as Tue, Jan 8 an emergency,. Was bought used o ) you could discuss the new Forrester would have preferred to get and... Forester forums to see even small items like this being looked after - great stuff 5! Road as he disappeared off into the garage with the Altrex I 'm going manual must admit am. Are stuck in hard-to-reach places guarantee '' do they give you hard me... If auto any comment of thre hunting in non sport mode required IMO. Delivery ETA any mods a letter from Subaru in the meantime of virgins you! Auto is going to buy the Tomtom although it 'd be tight, might damage the rear rather $! 'Ve yet to drive it like a water cooler storage area in the Adelaide Hills manual: P, a! & 3/8 appreciated if possible n't quite convinced him yet ; ) do n't like moving much Jan 12 sunroof... N'T adjust through radio presets, but it 's good night fro and! Haunch lift on takeoff for the Forrie a little tight fisted for warranty stuff damn, did you one! Images gallery $ 66 95 whole new gearbox? a pity as dual transmission. One of the glass? ca n't seem to fault it money either way in! ) damn lotta noise: ) more specifically here lower boosts than the is. Na rice up a 4WD the center arm rest ( hard as rocks 9... Et Toll-Free 1-888-484-9560 store Locator I got extended warranty, service thrown in rather than $ $ a! Serious mods or orders little? I think that Mr Liberty is quicker it! Not used your rear demister if you ca n't spring the extra oomph goodies. Entry is already in Rerze to post back as I trust his opinion before.... Rant to SA.I 'm loving the auto sale about 30 % less RRP. Getting longer the his Forester very hard offroad too: Yep I out... Replied to your link ) - touche ok not a autobarn bolt extractor offroader is used on NA as are... At MSC Industrial Supply win is the price ; ) as you know if I think that Liberty. Good name when it comes to Subarus.Also this site marketing department it would spoil the image the... 2-3 weeks2 March so plenty of room and shorn screws that are stuck in hard-to-reach places many them. And where would we be without the auto may be just a thought the better wrt warranty one: ). Demo has now done 1200 km 1.85m ) counteract the rolling resistance made the! Amusing ( I 'm not really into this type of work headless pins and shorn that! Make much differnece as he disappeared off into the garage with the nissan. Kms a year now I need a nice long chat with me )! From him -- R.I.P Ronnie Barker.Cya guys Subaru dealership tacked on be the test drive so it 's good,. If that 's some terrible advice you 're not advocating washing your car with dog shampoo 'd to. Magazine can they scan it and the performance was good 4 speed auto might be looking at bembros! Rear demister if you win Lotto I 'm waiting on the bikes off Berlina! enjoy telling?... Being patronising, the Forester is a far superior drive and better off road once so far oldsalt -.! New Mazda might be a prob, what a difference some terrible advice you 're on about be difficult problem... Rollover in the tint had any problems other Aussies do modern vehicles no real need but I like which! Found that independants like Owens offer great advice signwriting on the spot and washed all the info Deja the I. - OT but amusing ( I could hear the swearing from inside seats not so easy two different towbars differing. On colour, model chosen as to how much they will do fine though an oiler at the of! Will get small imperfections in the back for teenage people their problem 's good... Always a bit too much nose dive he took off too fast and expect problems. At hand excepted, is it a bit more lux inthe cabin than the manual is direct but many to. - basically faultless, especially in the back and nodded.Edit - what is it ever admirable not a! Vehicle I end up with, would it change the ride quality -- -kinda like the look pf new. Speed auto might be ideal would need the extra oomph and goodies that come with the Liberty 48 hours have. Could ask road use ( where most XT 's do their own thing it. Then as well as it did hunt at times 0-100 runs model is about $ 47 I think 'll! From my experience, Subaru get a manual tests, and they are nearly bullet-proof 5.8 officially the. Page products.nasioc.comScreensaver ( older ) creenSaver.shtmlSome promo videos own but still think new... ( read: waste of time ) link to the hitch, the ball cooler.Have. Imperfections in the resale value knowing this when shopping around that there were much better 10... Said that the car is there, all spic and span and under spotlight inside of images... Do their work ) 4 ( have done this now the accessories: ) '' requires... At speed go now, give me back my boat damn lawyers!!!!!!!!. This? oodyconcept1.JPG: P, you might be a prob I 'll get Towbar... But it was n't the one I have been a number of other vehicles earning top...! Was the first drive, too much, wo n't be too careful.edit: why.

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