phosphorous acid fungicide label

*Contains 5.17 lbs/gallon of the active ingredients, mono- and di-potassium salts of Phosphorous Acid. • DO NOT spray with phosphorous acid if residues of copper a leading manufacturer and supplier of eco friendly fungicide Potassium Phosphite, Potassium salt of Phosphorous acid.The company was established with a clear intention and aimed to provide best quality Potassium Phosphite in … Systemic fungicide for the effective control of various plant diseases including black spot or scab in apple, root ... Have the product container or label with you when calling a poison control center or doctor or going for treatment. : 55146-83 Synonyms: Phosphorous Acid; Ammonium, Sodium, and Potassium Salts Neutralized Phosphorous Acid Product Type: Fungicide. Fungicide precautions. OxiPhos is a combination of phosphorous acid and activated peroxide that provides a one-two punch against diseases. Phosphorous acid is used in chemical reactions as a reducing agent that is somewhat less vigorous than the related hypophosphorous acid. Monterey Garden Phos Systemic Fungicide previously known as Agri-Fos Systemic Fungicide is very effective in controlling plant diseases such as Pythophthora, downy mildew, pythium, black spot, root rot, anthracnose, and more. phosphorous acid & hydrogen peroxide (OxiPhos), REI 4h Phosphorous acid fungicide prices range from about $25 to $35 per gallon, and the application rate ranges from 2 to 5 pt/acre ($6.25 to … ... Group M5 Fungicide, Group 2 Fungicide, Group 3 Fungicide, Group 1 Fungicide. 33 Fungicide, Phosphorous Acid. For these products, you must determine how much water per acre is needed to cover the vines fully and then add the amount of phosphorous acid to the tank -mix to reach the desired concentration. Phosphorous Acid/gallon. phosphorous acid formulations are viewed as fertilizers, rather than fungicides in many countries of the world and therefore no mrl (maximum residue level) has been determined or established. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Phostrol Agricultural Fungicide May 23, 2012 Page 1 of 6 1. For effective control of downy mildew phytophora and associated root disease in a wide range of crops. PO3 will (?) Phostrol Agricultural Fungicide (phosphorous acid), EPA#55146-83, READ THE LABEL Phostrol provides moderate protectant, post-infection, and antisporulant control of downy mildew, with moderate risk of resistance development. Mono- and di-potassium salts of phosphorous acid can enter the environment when Rampart Fungicide is used as a foliar-spray for food crops in greenhouses. A systemic fungicide bactericide for the control of downy mildew, phytophthora, pythium, and various other diseases on greenhouse ... Phosphorous Acid/gallon. OxiPhos can be used throughout the growing season to prevent and control diseases caused by the oomycete group of pathogens. Quanta Fungicide Label. See label for plant safety information. ProPhyt, Rampart, Agri-Phos, Aliette, and Phostrol are phosphorous acid products and they work as a fungicide by interrupting the metabolic processes of downy mildew. phosphorous acid (Kphite 7LP), REI 4h, Group PO7. Application rates for phosphorous acid fungicides, on the other hand, are based on the concentration of phosphorous acid in the spray mixture. This acid is too strong to be used on plants and must be combined with other chemicals to raise the pH of the solution and decrease the potential for plant injury. Phosphorous Acid r~

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