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From there, you can extend the trip up to Adams Apple or turn around and begin the descent along the Sunset Ridge Trail. North wind 24 to 28 mph. First up was Mount Mansfield, the highest point in the state of Vermont, at just a shade under 4400 feet. Why not bring along a picnic or do some hiking while you're up there? Saturday Night You will then reach the Long Trail and continue along the Long Trail north, passing the forehead, the nose and northward along the ridgeline to the Chin. There were some rough scrambles and a scary jump, but we were able to finish. In all honesty it was totally doable. Hike up Vermont’s tallest peak, scramble along an alpine ridge, and bask in 360-degree views, all on an ascent of Mount Mansfield via a section of the Long Trail, the U.S.’s oldest long-distance hiking trail. Mount Mansfield Loop Trail is a 7.3 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Underhill, Vermont that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 21. It should be noted, that. Because of these two challenging sections, it is not recommend to attempt this hike in bad weather conditions where the rocks would be wet or icy. From I-89 North, take exit 10 for VT-100 South towards Waterbury US-2. Hiking info, trail maps, and 29 trip reports from Mount Mansfield, The Nose (4,020 ft) in the Green Mountains of Vermont "Stayed in Stowe for the weekend with Tom. My wife and a friend want to hike it, Mount Mansfield via Hellbrook Trail and the Long Trail, The Chin (Mount Mansfield) via Sunset Ridge Trail, Laura Cowles Trail to Sunset Ridge Trail Loop, Long Trail, Profanity, Long Trail, Haselton Trail Loop, Smugglers Notch and Sterling Mountain via Long Trail, Mount Mansfield Chin via Hell Brook Trail and Hasselton Trail, Mount Mansfield and The Forhead via Long Trail and Hasselton Trail. Trails are well marked and easy to navigate. The Mount Mansfield is not only Vermont's highest mountain, but also one of its most interesting and rewarding for it’s amazing views. He made me laugh and offered to let me hike down the mountain I would recommend hiking boots if you’ve got them. Mount Mansfield is a 4,393 foot mountain located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. We cheat … well worth it. Mount Mansfieldis the highest mountainin Vermontwith a summitthat peaks at 4,395 feet (1,340 m) above sea level. Took about 5 hours total with a few rests. The hike starts along CCC Road. Monday Took Maple Ridge up and Sunset Ridge down, I definitely recommend counter clockwise! Join us on our hike to the summit (chin) of Mt. There are many trails up the mountain, I will describe a few of the more popular routes. You pick up the Long Trail shortly before or after reaching the Forehead. The summit ridge is only one of three mountains in the State where alpine tundra survived the ice age. You will stay on the Long Trail by keeping left here. Unlike Mount Pisgah, nobody had recommended it. Sunset Ridge tough on the knees on the way down. West wind around 13 mph. You will pass by the Taft Lodge, an overnight spot for hikers. Decided to take the loop to the forehead first and finish at the chin. West wind around 12 mph. Mansfield, the state's highest peak. The main parking lot for this trail has been reported closed for the season (11/07/2020). The Toll Road (which, appropriately, has a toll to use it), the Laura Cowles trail, the Sunset Ridge trail, Haselton Trail, the Hellbrook Trail… The most popular trail from the east side of the mountain, however, is the section of the Long Trail that I hiked. After reading reviews, I was a bit nervous for what the hike had in store for my group as we weren't pro hikers. Mount Mansfield is located right outside of Burlington, Vermont, in Underhill, VT. Mount Mansfield is in the Underhill State Park, located in Chittenden County within the Green Mountains. While I have a fair amount of experiencing hiking in the Greens, Whites, and Adirondacks, I found the big rock mentioned in the description of the hike to be quite challenging. 2019 Mount Mansfield Type of Hike Day hike Trailhead Eagle cut trail Encountered Wildflowers blooming, Ripe berries Road Conditions Road suitable for all vehicles Bug Status Bugs were not too bad Snow Conditions Snow free Wind chill values as low as -8. The trail is well marked with white dashes that will lead you to the chin or summit of Mount Mansfield. Definitely wasn’t prepared for how chilly it would be at the summit, but well worth the trip. One is a rock wall that has only limited grips and toe holds, and a fall off that wall would cause serious harm. Warm stretch of weather meant no need for spikes and only very small isolated areas of snow or ice but no gear needed for them. Mount Mansfield via the Long Trail > Haselton Loop – DIFFICULT » 6.1 mi round trip, approx. The trail is beautiful, and the views are incredible. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Some of us are beginner hikers. Mount Mansfield is the highest mountain in Vermont. Saturday This loop was slick and muddy. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. He saw that I was rattled and just sat down and talked with me for a time. I then continued down the road for a bit and then almost missed the right-hand turn for the Long Trail North. Mostly sunny, with a high near 21. The two most popular routes from here are: Sunset Ridge Trail & Laura Cowles Trail. Very muddy so you want to make sure you have good hiking boots, and it was pretty slippery on the way down from the stream on the rocks. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 19. coming down sunset ridge makes your knees hate you, very slippery so have to go slow and steady. From the parking lot, follow the Long trail for roughly 2 miles. Mansfield was a surprisingly fun hike. If you want to make a weekend out of this, you could stay in Burlington, ( here are some great places to stay), and do some other nearby hikes ( here you can find some other great trails).

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