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SCANIA R730 V8 STREAMLINE ''SILVER GRIFFIN'' Price: € 64.50. What’s more, in a clever endeavour to demonstrate and compare the performance of its top three V8 ratings, Scania Australia recently convened a test drive over a set course with each model hooked to a B-double set and grossing around 58.5 tonnes. Obviously making even lighter work of the same loop were the 456 kW (620 hp) and 3000 Nm (2212 lb ft) peaks of the R620, returning an average speed of 73 km/h and fuel figure of 1.42 km/litre (4.01 mpg). 236929 It uses a V8 engine delivering an impressive 3500 Nm and 730 hp. So back to the original question, what drives the development of such potent power and torque peaks? For now it’s all speculation but in the lull before the next inevitable surge toward what some might see as horsepower heaven, it’s probably worth pondering the factors driving this distinctly continental contest for power supremacy. The trucks are available with engines ranging from a 9-litre I5 to a 16-litre V8, with the V8 only being available in the higher model. 90 0 obj Yet as Brian Weatherley intimated in his report last year, those factors certainly don’t include rocketing sales volumes or strong customer demand. �h*&Vq� $���-�|tq�Ь9�K�(��%z �AR\��bq��_���e�b|��+ڕdi�|E��q�������~�e`����:i8+��sX�Ջ�c�������~족Z'�K��ح�Ɨ��ج�j����/�u����M��K��:d/�C�#�P��^Le���4�s�V}�M�9�}�8�oz�#b�,6�"6�o��������w�|{�]}�����]�W�Iҝ-�P��l���r�#�Y$�q8B��ݓ�b�����d�~�,RYUdUh����el�Jĥ.�o�����y���?޾�~�|�WB����ߨB�Ëݓ���[s{ؿ1/^^߼�~�;-�|�xKS��~�� ENGINE (EURO 5) Scania '16 litre' V8 turbocharged intercooled direct injection diesel with Scania XPI. For starters, this is the land of the roadtrain where combinations of four and even five trailers, and gross weights of 150 tonnes and more, are entirely capable of fully utilising such vast reserves of power and torque. Scania is a global company with sales of trucks, buses, engines & services in more than 100 countries. Engineered for uptime. After the high profile debut of its 730 hp mountain muncher at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show, Scania Australia certainly hasn’t been slow in putting the truck’s awesome outputs on the road. Scania R 730 LA6x22MNA It is powered by a Power Function XL motor, and a Servo motor for steering. What’s more, this particular 730 was built to a gross weight capacity of just 90 tonnes. Parts. Now it’s even broader with the addition of the performance stage 540 hp. In fact, between 2003 and 2009 the total number of trucks sold in Europe with over 550 hp averaged just 1.76 percent of the total new truck market, with the biggest market by far being in Italy.’. 4 axle tractor unit Scania R730 First registration 10/2011 Odometer reading 642682km Engine was overhauled at 549,940 km in 18/18 for € 37,412 730 hp / 537 kW Train weight experience 141-150 tons Wheelbase 3500 mm Normal chassis height Suspension type B (air / air) Front axle load 8 tons Front air suspension Stabilizer front axle is called Those targets are fully achievable but I’ll stress again that volumes won’t be increased at the expense of profitability.”. ‘For all the hype about fire-breathing prime movers with massive horsepower,’ he wrote last year, ‘they represent only a tiny proportion of all the articulated units sold in Europe every year. The cab can be easily removed to access to the battery box. But the satisfaction of holding trucking’s top testosterone title was short-lived: Volvo in 2006 hit back with a 660 model boasting 3100 Nm (2286 lb ft) of torque. Engine 4€ : Scania R730 HP Engine + Volvo 12+2-speeds gearbox Engine 5€ : Scania S730 HP Engine + Volvo 12-speeds gearbox Engine 6€ : Scania S730 HP Engine + Volvo 12+2-speeds gearbox ⚙️ Installation : 1) First Go To Single Player And Activate Mod 2) After Selecting Mod , Save The Game And Go To Multiplayer 3) In The Multiplayer Section , Select Load My Last Save. <> <>stream “That’ll depend on market demand.”. SCANIA R730 STREAMLINE HIGHLINE CAB. 2010-12-01T09:49:52.000Z An articulate Englishman with a strong background in senior sales and marketing roles, Roger McCarthy took the reins here two years ago and openly admits to seeking the Australian appointment after several decades within Scania’s powerful UK operation. The price of this Scania R730 6x4 w / hydraulics is £62,944 and it was produced in 2015. Then again, will Scania take an early initiative by pushing the 16.4 litre displacement to even greater heights, setting Volvo an even taller task? The Scania Series R heavy-tractor is available with V8 engine and has been developed according to the recent World market requirements. Before the 610’s arrival, Scania had held top billing with a 580 hp version of its gutsy 15.6 litre V8, but it’s also worth noting that around the same time Volvo Trucks Australia had engineered a 600 hp Cummins Signature engine into its cab-over FH and the now defunct NH conventional. On Mascus UK you can find Scania R730 and much more other models of tractor Units. However, Volvo’s Cummins option was available nowhere else and in any case was quickly dumped when the reborn 16 litre engine hit the Australian market. “We’re well aware of what needs to be done,” he commented, adding that gross weight capacities far greater than 90 tonnes are obviously on the agenda. Scania R730 Konstanitidis V2.0 Authors: Bimo Wahyu Saputro,Kriechbaum,Rasta Jr.Production,SCS. Read the full story . Even in 2010, fuel prices were already a problem and the recession was biting deep in the UK, but the Scania R730 was still surprisingly popular. “We won’t do business at the expense of profit,” he insists. Description: Konstanitidis engine sound for the SCS Scania R and Streamline trucks, RJL "R"2.3.0, "T" 2.3.0, "R4"2.3.0, "T4" 2.3.0.-V.1.0 : 2020/07/21. endobj 2017-01-16T18:11:17.929+01:00 Scania 730HP Engine For All Trucks Mod By us For ETS2 Multiplayer Built. Since quite a long time, a came back to a rigid truck, this R730 6x4 with a 2 axle dolly and another 3 axle trailer coupled behind it. Similarly, an expanded truck rental operation and recent service agreements with refrigerated trailer specialist Schmitz Cargobull and high profile component suppliers SAF-Holland and Wabco are more than just a localised attempt to bolster Scania’s service revenues. WORKSHOP SERVICES. 50 0 obj endobj Consequently, like his many predecessors, McCarthy says his intention is to grow the business while maintaining a sharp eye on profit. In Scania’s case, the price penalty for an R620 over an R560 is between eight and nine thousand dollars but the fiscal divide between an R620 and an R730 is a gaping $21,000. <> In short, there’s a lot to like. 2017-01-18T17:24:41.075+01:00 Check it out now. endobj Still, it was nonetheless a worthwhile exercise because it effectively provided an appraisal based on ‘ease by degrees’. The most obvious differences were the under-cab placement of air intake and exhaust plumbing, modest fuel capacity of 850 litres and a fuel pick-up line from the driver’s side tank rather than the passenger side. Performance does indeed have a price. They’re easily available thanks to Scania’s modular production system. Or will one of the German giants, MAN or Mercedes-Benz, or perhaps Iveco blow the Swedes out of the water with a sudden burst of heavyweight hormones? This machine is located in France. <> <> Euro 6. Euro 4. But as Scania Australia technical representative Ian Butler emphasised, it’s still early days for the R730 and development work tailoring the model to the broad needs of the Australian market is already in train. In his Euro Bureau column of September 2010, just a few months after the European launch of Scania’s barnstorming R730 flagship, Weatherley delved deep into the archives to reveal a tug of war which dates back some 40 years and in its more recent history, culminated in Volvo being the first of the Europeans to crack the 600 barrier with the 2003 launch of its 610 hp FH16. <> 10 0 obj But given Scania’s propensity for swapping managing directors in its Australian operation, will Roger McCarthy still be here in another three years? Given its massive, unmatched torque delivery, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to read that the R730 displayed levels of tenacity that even on this short appraisal were stunning. The power output of the 16.35-litre engine might be well above the 10hp-per-tonne rule of thumb and that clearly hits economy but … The answer appears to be based entirely on corporate image. Scania has taken the leading edge in performance and that’s something we intend to fully promote.” And promote it will as the R730 fronts a Scania roadshow currently demonstrating to truck operators from Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and most regional centres in between. This machine is located in Hedmark Norway. Scania R730 / 6X2 / EURO 5 Emission class: Euro 5, Engine output: 730, Transmission: GRS0925R OPC. It’s also worth mentioning that on the 364 km round trip to and from Campbellfield, with several different drivers having stints behind the wheel and including the climb over Pretty Sally where the R730 dropped just four gears, the truck returned the same fuel figure of 1.4 km/litre. Armed with a healthy dose of parochialism, it’s easy to assert that unlike Europe, Australia is actually one of the few markets in the world able to realistically apply and even justify such high power and torque outputs as those offered by both Volvo’s FH16 700 and more recently, Scania’s R730. Download Scania 3D Models for 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Softimage, Blender and other 3D modeling and animation software. uuid:c7a1d14a-fd2f-11df-a745-001124383e56 You’ll find Scania engines at the heart of transport and industry across the world. In one bold move, Scania had regained the horsepower ascendancy. Torque: 3500 Nm (2581 lbf. 2010-12-01T10:49:52.000+01:00 There are pneumatic suspensions on the rear axle, adjusted with a manual pump. Nor does he accept that Scania’s commitment to the Australian market is of a lesser ilk. Fortunately, he’s also unfazed by comments like ‘we’ve heard it all before’ and ‘Scania still holds little more than four percent of the market.’. As our erudite European correspondent Brian Weatherley has remarked more than once, it can be sometimes difficult to fathom the fervour that sees Sweden’s giant powerhouses constantly leapfrogging each other in the seemingly ceaseless – some might even say senseless – contest for the world’s most powerful production truck. At Scania we know the cost of mechanical failure and downtime. © ETS2 > Parts / Tuning / January 4, 2021 January 4, 2021 / hoffman47 / No Comments. Brand ne | Cab over engine for sale | Build year 2016 | Odometer reading 365,000 km | ID 8973 | Scania has the broadest range of powertrains on the market. But that’s obviously not the case in Australia. Scania engines boast massive torque at low revs and best-in-class power-to-weight ratios. The R730 was obviously the major attraction but it needs to be pointed out that this particular truck was hurriedly brought to Australia for the Brisbane Truck Show and as an early example of a 6×4 production unit, differed from what could be described as a ‘normal’ Australian spec. Still, the roadtrain realm is far from being the only potential taker of the R730 and it was a confident McCarthy who asserted, “Australia generally is a user of high horsepower trucks and it’s a bonus to have the world’s most powerful truck in your range. Scania unveiled today the most powerful truck of all times: the R-series 730. New and unregistered Scania R730 Topline Streamline, 6x2 rearlift steer, 2 pedal Opticruise gearbox, retarder, full air suspension front & rear, Michelin tyres, Alcoa Durabright alloy wheels, side skirts, sliding 5th wheel, Xenon headlights, visor w/ spots, bumper spots, high sleeper cab, premium leather seats, twin bunk, fridge/freezer, dash table, premium radio/usb/aux, SatNav, Top Spec truck. Power Torque is uniquely positioned in the truck industry as a bold and brave voice showcasing the latest technology and raising issues that are important for drivers, owner operators, fleets and the industry as a whole. However, if history is anything to go by, it’s only a matter of time before Volvo hits back with something even bigger … 750 perhaps, or will it go for broke and jump straight to 800 hp? Acrobat Distiller 7.0 for Macintosh The power race had, in effect, simply slowed for awhile as Scania considered its options before eventually changing the bent eight’s metal structure to the lighter, stronger composition of compacted graphite iron, or CGI, and reaming the block out to 16.4 litres.

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