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(Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars only). Roosevelt dimes contained silver through the year 1964. Price: US $21.50 (approx C $27.39) View original item. The last year the silver dime and quarter were minted was 1964. At the time of publishing, the melt value of a common-date dime is roughly $1.30. Last update: January 6, 2021, 09:58 AM EDT. To calculate melt values of multiple dimes or use your own silver prices, edit the fields below and click "Update." Silver at melt value Roll Of 80% Silver Canadian dimes. This page also shows coins listed for sale so you can buy and sell. This melt value is calculated from the current silver spot price of $27.22 per ounce. Mercury Dime Values lists dates and mintmarks for each with a section on judging condition, so you can separate collectible quality from the minimum silver coin values. Some silver dimes and quarters may have additional collectible value depending on mint marks and/or condition making them a great option for those coin collecting. You can always calculate the melt value of your silver dime by multiplying its actual silver weight, 0.07234 troy ounce, by the current spot price of silver. Estimated value of 1926 Mercury Dime is worth $3.67 in average condition and can be worth $27 or more in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition. Half your job is done when you dig out the information on the coins in your possession. Also, each 1946-1964 dime contains 0.07234 ounces of pure silver, giving it an inherent intrinsic or melt value. Victoria, Edward VII, ... All of these coins are 80% silver, and most years sell for melt value. I'll try to update as often as possible. Here’s a list of Roosevelt dimes that are worth more than face value, along with their current values: All Roosevelt dimes dated 1946 through 1964 — $1.50 and up 1949 — $1.75 10 cents 1920 to 1966. However, most circulated pre-1965 dimes and quarters are sold as “junk” and trade close to their intrinsic melt value in silver. So even if the coin is not worth more than $.10 to a … Dime values today - 1/4/2021 are $1.82 each. This type of circulated coin has no collectible or numismatic value. MELT VALUE OF SILVER TODAY Silver coin melt values and Gold coin melt values are naturally different due to the vast discrepancy in their intrinsic value. These dimes are still minted today but with a blend of copper and nickel with 0% silver. Condition:--Ended: Dec 22, 2020, 08:17:36 PM EST. As each of these coins is struck from a composition of 90% silver, their melt values will fluctuates with the current spot price of the precious metal. Picture Information. Shop with … Dimes or ten-cent pieces were first struck in 1796. The 1946 dime with no mint mark is worth a slight premium over its silver melt value in extremely fine condition. The 90% silver dimes stuck in the USA have a melt value of currently around $1.30 – $1.50 (USD), depending on the spot price of silver at the time of course (current silver spot price: $17.62 oz). The intrinsic value of the silver Mercury Dimes can be just as variable. Buying a coin at 20% below melt value might not seem like much but that sort of INSTANT GAIN on your investment out performs most stocks. This can … You’ll want to clean the coins first … This page also shows coins listed for sale so you can buy and sell. Silver years are 1946 to 1964. The return on investment from a percentage standpoint, the inflationary coinflation value of silver in a silver dime compared to its face value has been anywhere from 1,000% to 2,000% and more in recent years. Use this page for a quick glance at the silver melt value and content for each of the single U.S. silver coins shown below. The intrinsic value (also known as melt value) of a silver coin can be determined by multiplying the ASW (actual silver weight) for the coin times the current spot price of silver. Roosevelt Dime Silver Melt Values. All of these coins … Halves were only 40% silver between 1965 to 1970). Buy & Sell This Coin. … 1916 … Within a short period after his death, Virginia Congressman Ralph H. Daughton called for Roosevelt’s image to be used on the dime. Selling the Silver Coins . Keep watch for the 1948 dollar in particular. echo ?>. Prices in CAD $ Silver Coins. In uncirculated condition the price is around $4.25 for coins with an MS 63 grade. As a warning, some U.S. coins that are rarer or in better condition may be worth more to coin collectors than their … Opens image gallery. So, the pure silver content in these mentioned US 90% silver dimes comes out to approximately 0.0723 troy ounces per coin. Silver was a popular metal used in coins for centuries, until its price reached the point that the metal in the coins exceeded the face value of the dimes, quarters, and half dollars that used it. That does not mean Silver Roosevelt Dimes are without any true worth. 1961 P Roosevelt Dime: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. That's 1,300% higher than its face value of 10¢! Shipping and handling. It would mark the fourth circulating U.S. coin to feature a former President — after the cent coin … Note that silver prices vary daily, therefore one must consult a bank or an online source for the current spot price. The following page displays silver coin melt values for United States minted coins commonly in circulation. Contact the seller- opens in a new … Denomination: Silver Melt Values: Jefferson Nickels (1942-1945) 30% Silver: 5.00: 0.05626: $0.05: Barber Dimes (1892-1916) Example. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Both the 1963 dimes with no mint mark and the 1963 D dimes have similar values. Not only that, consider that when you buy bullion coins from a dealer, you’re likely to pay 20% above melt value for many coins. A step by step process identifies the collector quality dimes worth a higher range. For example, the average spot of an ounce of silver for the year 2000 … Use the US Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator below to determine what the value of your junk silver is. Getting the grip of the melt value of silver coins prior to selling the coins then becomes crucial. Get the best deals on Silver Mercury Dimes 1916-1945 when you shop the largest online selection at Buy GOLD and SILVER Coins BELOW Melt Value! Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. However, understanding one easily transfers to understanding the other. In extremely fine condition these coins sell for a slight premium above their scrap silver value. Obviously, each has a face value of $.10, but examples in very fine condition routinely fetch at least a few dollars on the market. Troy Ounces of Silver per Coin Quantity Silver Melt Values; Jefferson Nickels (1942-1945) 35 % Silver: $0.05: 0.05626: Barber Dimes (1892-1916) 90 % Silver: $0.10: 0.07234: Mercury Dimes (1916-1945) 90 % Silver: $0.10: 0.07234: Roosevelt Dimes (1946-1964) 90 % Silver: $0.10: 0.07234: Barber Quarters (1892-1916) 90 % Silver: $0.25: 0.18084: Standing Liberty Quarters (1916-1930) 90 % Silver: $0.25: … Have one to sell? If you want to buy Silver in the form of 90% Silver, look for Mercury or Roosevelt dimes minted in 1964 or earlier.These coins were struck in a 90% Silver alloy and boast a melt value of nearly $1.25. While the collectability, also known as the numismatic value, might be hard to memorize the silver content of the coins in terms of percentages % is fairly easy to remember. Roosevelt Dimes, on the other hand, are $2.10. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge: X. The coin melt values and silver prices in the calculator below are compliments of the site Silver Coin Melt Values. The melt value of one 1946-1964 Roosevelt Dime is shown below based on silver's price at 6/25/2018 2:59:01 PM EST. Non-magnetic 1968 quarters and dimes contain 50% silver (any magnetic 1968 coins have no silver). Young Elizabeth: ~50% of the coins we see. The online calculator below determines the melt value of any silver coin beginning with the 1940's Jefferson nickel and ending with the current American Silver Eagle. What is a silver dime worth? This tool calculates Canadian circulating coins precious metal values based on current silver ($34.63/oz) and gold ($2,452.19/oz) market prices. Sell it yourself. A few weeks after his … … 1953-D Roosevelt dime, ASW = 0.07234 oz t. The composition of Roosevelt dimes from 1946-1964 was 90% … But conditions changed following the death of the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Shipped with USPS First Class. Once all of these attributes are identified, you can use the chart below to determine the value of your silver Roosevelt dime. In 1792 the United States government passed an act that authorized the Treasury Department to produce coinage for the United States. Estimated value of 1997-P Roosevelt Dime is worth $2.17 or more in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition. The values have been calculated based on the current U.S. Dollar silver spot price. Melt values calculator of Canadian silver and gold coins. The Roosevelt Dime was minted as 90% silver from 1946 to 1964. Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars. If you know a numismatist, get a verdict on the coins you have, which will give you an idea as to where do your coins stand in the silver market. Value of Silver Dimes. Simply stated, the term "intrinsic" means the current value of the metals contained within a coin if it was melted down. This rare coin is usually worth over $600 and one in specimen condition is worth thousands. However, it should be noted that the United States Mint began issuing 90% silver dimes again in 1992 for collectors only. Now, we take … You will notice that different coins have a different percentage of silver content in them. Historical Roosevelt Dime Silver Coin Melt Values. Roosevelt Dime Silver Coin Melt Calculator. The coin has a 'melt value' of $0.0192 (bare minimum metal value of coin). Every hour there are silver and gold coins that are selling below melt value on eBay. US Silver Coin: Composition: Weight (g) ASW (oz.) Get yours before silver skyrockets. Morgan dollars are one of the most collected coins in … This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. VINTAGE LOT OF 7 SILVER CANADIAN QUARTERS AND ONE SILVER DIME MELT VALUE. These more recent silver dimes were sold only in proof sets and other special mint products. SILVER COINS, SILVER COLLECTIBLES AND MELT VALUE Silver coins are highly collectible, like works of art. Vast quantities were minted. Condition is judged comparing to images, video, and descriptions in the value process. After you found out the value of your silver, … This melt value is calculated from the current silver spot price of $27.30 per ounce. To find current coin melt values, enter the amount of coins in the "Quantity" column and their values will automatically be calculated based on the latest U.S. spot price of silver. While its price is significantly less per ounce than that of gold, some choose to melt old silver coins that are too damaged to have collector value to recover the silver in them. Occasionally, premiums on buying junk silver coins rise when the market for these no longer minted products gets … Buy & Sell This Coin. Silver halves were 1970 at 90% silver. Most Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarters, and Dimes (but not nickels) … It's based off of a 90% silver per coin esitmation, and the current spot price of silver

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