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No one understands but God. Her tragedy is that she’s not in Sicily either. If someone was tortured and pushed to the brink of despair by a couple of tormentors, wouldn’t it be a rational response to want to kill them? That son of bitch sold him a sick donkey. JOSEFINAMy fate- it’s in God’s hands. No. Maria turns to Josephina acting like nothing is wrong. HEARSTOpera is real life to you people, isn't it? Just sharing cramped space in the same rotten hovel. For India, this is the third high-level visit to Nepal in the current year, the first being in (21-22 October) with Chief of India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Samant Goel and the second being the visit of Chief of Army Staff, Indian Army, M.M. These idiots come here to tell me what you said to them, May God forgive me for saying this. America is hell. JOSEFINAThere is nothing wrong with my mind, Mr. Did you attend? I tried, Please forgive me I tried. PALMIERIThis is the thanks you give these kind people? PALMIERIWell, do you think my job is to find out if you are innocent or guilty? Will you still be working in the city tomorrow? Uncle Gaetano. Whatever was left that they didn’t give to the dogs. The tears had poisoned it. She `s a Witch Gaetano. JOSEFINAHe was very mad about this. Do you?ALIENISTWere you praying just now? PALMIERIFine isn’t the word I’d use. I think of you as family now. Escape will … JOSEFINAI told him that I hadn’t been to mass in over two years. Looking for the scripts matching terra nova? Maria grabs Carmine by the arm and pulls him back down into the chair) So talk. JOSEFINA I don’t like you. Your story has excited people’s sympathies, and they want you vindicated. (Looks at him to keep still) Josefina she come to visit me last Sunday.She told me, well she said,D’ANGELOShe said you have put your hands on her. JOSEFINADo you think they did, Signora? I loved you and you repay my love like this.I protected you from your Uncle many  nights when even I could not stand the things he said he had planned for you. PALMIERIYou want to know, walk uptown with me to Hell's Kitchen. Uncle Gaetano teases me. JOSEFINASo is that why you married me? DIXDon’t worry. Traditore! JOSEFINAWhat do mean? She cowers as Concetta and Reggio approach. (Yelling the second time) SI or NO! His love was something he took. TERRANOVAWhat else is there? (She lays her head on his lap) I swear on the Madonna I would never hurt you or let anyone come between us. PALMIERIWhat? She gave me a prayer to St. Anthony to say ever night until the next full moon. (Concetta laughs and looks at her husband for approval, none comes.Gaetano looks back at her with disgust)(As Josefina comes to the table she places a dish of food on the table next to Gaetano. Come in please, come. Withpatience,everyonewillgetthrougheventually.Hopewasthewatchword, reflected%in%media%and%commerce,%reality%shows%featured%select%lotterywinnersand Terra Nova by Ted Tally, is a true story drawn from the journals and letters found on the frozen body of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his famous fatal expedition to the south pole. But then there were some nights when it sounded like someone was trying to speak to me. But whatever it cost, it wasn't a price I asked to pay. Morto So call the Priest.He say a pray, pour Holy water downa the well.My brother gave the dog water out of the well to drink. HEARSTThat Italy? Give me credit. (Palmieri starts to reprove her)HEARSTPalmieri, let her speak her mind. PALMIERIWere you married in Church? by Tally, Ted. JOSEFINASignore Hearst, if I go there, to California, can you promise me that no one will ever hear of me again? DOROTHY DIX- Reporter hired by Hearst to play up the female angle. I loved you. The place itself.DIXThen it's the same as everywhere.If you have money, you have money, and you can buy yourself some heaven.HEARSTIt's not that simple, but I do agree, money cushions things. REGGIOAsk the Madonna to forgive you for this insult. HEARSTBut not mad enough to call a mistrial. Never. I am afraid they will come and hurt me in at night. (3x times.) . Women would know exactly what she did and why, and only envy her for getting out of it. PALMIERIThat's very generous of you. Si, little town by Palmero (As he looks over again to Josefina)They have pretty girls there, too. HEARSTCleaner for your children, than for you. I’ll do worse. D’ANGELOLearn she says. As with all my script reviews you must bear in mind that things are in creative flux until the show is broadcast. PALMIERIDo you still have family on the other side? PALMIERITo you, we’re the same. What am I to you? HEARSTI want you to meet Palmieri- He’s due here shortly. People want to know about you, Josefina. Call her in. ALIENISTJudge Scott has asked that I speak with you. You must leave this apartment. They no good enough for her. PALMIERIIf provoked. You are ugly. TERRANOVAYour uncle tells me the truth, you are a liar. He’s going to put me in an early grave. I might use that. JOSEFINAFor, for how he disgraced me. PALMIERIWhat did you tell him? HEARSTFree to do what? TERRANOVAMaybe. Everyone is Irish in here, the police, the jailers even the priests. PALMIERIJosefina, Josefina Terranova. Bella Regazza. And burned downed his barn. Dom no? (Yelling over to the jail matron, then looking back at JP)Sorry signore. They're dead, like Concetta and Gaetano. PALMIERIAnd then what? CONCETTAJosefina you don’t understand. She’s young, attractive, intelligent, sympathetic. HEARSTReally. In Hearst's OfficeHEARSTTell me Palmieri, what is it like? Did you touch her? He said Don’t go I will be your priest. PALMIERIHow did you come to live with them? Do you think you have your honor back now that my blood is on your hands forever?Do believe that you will be able to put this behind you.? She too is stabbed.Aunt and uncle fall to the floor. HEARSTHer people? Always watching me. D’ANGELOSo help me Maria, if he says a word I don’t like, I will cutta his head off like the pig that he is. But I could not join them. When my son can marry your daughter with your blessing. I’m going to ask you this question once and only once. When he turned against me, I knew that I had no choice. My wedding D.AYour honor this is a clear attempt by the defense to slander two well respected members of our community who cannot defend themselves. They want to be sure you are in your right mind. (she falls on the floor sobbing.He falls on the floor next to her and they both cry embraced on the floor.He pulls away from her, gets up.) No. Sometimes she would lay with us.I begged them to let me leave. MARIAConcetta, I m a sorry for coming over uninvited like this but we wanted to speak with you and Gaetano. But they have no reason to shelter her, if she’s not a blood relative. Si, my Papa told him to go. How dare you come into my house and ask me these insulting things?Who do you think you are coming here to question me? PALMIERIWhy was that? MARIAI swear if you don’t keep that mouth of yours shut I `ll smack  a u face. In The TombsJosefina, this man is here to talk to you JOSEFINAStay away. I don’t know what to do. Wand in left hand, dagger in right. Che cosa lei ha voluto? I have no need of words to know who is kind and who is cruel. PALMIERIA poor one, who has no hope for herself. He beat Tony and my mother and told him to get his money back from that thief. ''Terra Nova'' had its world premiere eight years ago in a basement in New Haven. HEARSTNo, no, Palmieri, it’s a fair question. A curse. The possibilities are there. DIXWhat does it mean? There is no place in  my world for a woman who knows her own worth. They would like to offer their support to you during this terrible time. HEARSTI’m curious, Josefina. PALMIERIOur time is up, William. On January 5 we had a priest marry us at church. Please promise me you will never repeat what I have told you today. No. PALMIERIThe jury listens with sympathy. Or I will kill myself MARIAOh Madonna. (Carmine stands up ready to strike Gaetano. TERRANOVAby Pamela Monk and Dennis Loiacono TERRANOVA-CharactersJOSEFINA TERRANOVA- 17 Year old Sicilian beauty, on trial for the stabbing deaths of Concetta and Gaetano ReggioJOHN PALMIERI- Italian immigrant, former Federal judge, Josefina's defense lawyerWILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST- Bankrolls Josefina's defense. What could I do? She’s mad. I was blessed. HEARSTAh but see how far it's carried her already. It’s nothing. PALMIERIWhat happen that night at the Reggios JOSEFINAMy Uncle treated me the same way as before. You know one time before I come to this country my brother Tony go there to buy a donkey. Corragio, Josefina. D.A.Yes. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. HEARSTSurely you have people. We are one. So they forced the burden of all that love on me. PALMIERIWhat did she want? JOSEFINAWill you be working tomorrow? Just because you have a high priced lawyer sitting by your side you will be safe from me. My story? MARIASure. That’s the reality of what she’s facing. CONCETTAYou think its something to laugh about. Josefina sits for a few moments before she follows)  IN HEARST'S OFFICE HEARSTPalmieri,  what are you doing this weekend? Josephina follows Maria and Carmine to the door. JOSEFINAWhat do I think? You must a be making them up. Get out. PALMIERISorry. Foreman have you reached a verdict sir? JOSEFINAWhen I got home he said to me that I looked happy.I told him I was because the priest did not ask me any questions or say any bad things. DIXI can't write it down? JOSEFINAWell, I first saw Guiseppe when I was 11 years old. Reading a pilot like Terra Nova at this stage is a lot like looking at the recipe list for your dinner and then being asked to imagine what it'll taste like. (Concetta trying to change the subject starts bring food to the table) Guiseppe, tell me about tui famiglia.What town are you from? My Aunt comes to me sometimes as a butterfly and my Uncle has come also. Or is it to help you walk out of jail a free women? TERRANOVA understands what REGGIO has said to him tonight. CONCETTAIs everything alright? He did some work for my Uncle from time to time. That he would put wrong thing in my head and ask you bad things. These girl, shes a cursed. PALMIERIHearst, you can't be serious. I know about it. How could you do such things? HEARSTTell me, what can I do for you? PALMIERIMaybe if she were American. HEARSTShe's made quite an impression on Dorothy. You hate her and now you hate me too. You let me know. Sometimes the voices were so loud it would make me fall down to my knees and I would pray for it to stop. DIXYou call that love?JOSEFINAThey loved me more than life.DIXBut you hated them.JOSEFINADid I ever say that I hated them?DIXBut you murdered them.JOSEFINAYou know nothing. DIXWhat did they do to you  that causes them such misery now? DIXIf I didn’t know better, I’d say that you hired her. Mia bella   I promise. He even threaten to have me killed by the Black Hand if I told anyone about what they made me do.PALMIERIAnd is it also your testimony that while your Uncle Gaetano Reggio had his way with you Conetta Reggio your aunt would participate in your violation? HEARSTPalmieri, that's the beauty of this country. JOSEFINAI, [starts to cry} MARIAWhat’s wrong Josephina? PALMIERIWhether I doubt it or not isn’t the issue. Reggio's wife Concetta answers the phone  CONCETTAHello,Si, lui`s qui. I was to listen for a knock on my door, or a man whistling or a dog barking. No?Ma, the dog she drop a dead. Maybe. PALMIERIDid your Aunt  Maria or anyone take you to a medical doctor? JOSEFINAI never lied. I beg you Lord God help me.She collapses on the floor crying. PALMIERIShe'll co-operate. I’ve seen the women of your Sicily. In the courtPALMIERISignora D'Angelo, what happened after your conversation with Josefina? Terra Nova is a sifi series, but it is also a good halesome show without F-bombs falling all over the place or raunchy, steamy soft porn sex scenes taking up time that could be spent on something worthwhile or excessive violence with blood and guts in excessive amounts. MARIAI don’t know Concetta. No? HEARSTWhat do you mean, no fact?PALMIERIThe girl lived with her aunt and uncle. Well, you could bring her, too. CONCETTAYou have a mother's love. How could you not know that I loved you so much?That I would have given my life? HEARSTWell, you know your job. Gaetano stops laughing. Cool as a cucumber. Rispetto. You’re like him. That’s what a she said O.K.You understand me now Gaetano! She is a... D’ANGELOGaetano, did you touch this girl in a unholy way? The fact that Polar exploration could be shown so perfectly when the play had no scenery and consisted of basically two actors in fur coats is a tribute to the production company, the actors, the writer, and the human imagination. JOSEFINANo? _. Find all about terra nova on Scripts.com! ALIENISTAh, no. PALMIERIWhen did you stop going to church? He told me that you have been with child before. Sit. HEARSTYes. Into the mountains No?A farmer, I think his name was Gino had one for sale. PALMIERIHe means people take your part and want you free. You don’t care about me.I don’t mind though. In the Court PALMIERII call to the stand Josefina Terranova: JOSEFINAYes. HEARSTShe’s a writer, for my newspaper. Very well then Josefina, Getting back to your Uncle. I thought by giving into him he would grow tired and leave you alone. Duration / Current Time . HEARSTMaybe? Who are these voices? I put up with it. Now Josefina, why do you say I don’t care about you, when I’ve made it my business to help you through this? PALMIERIInstead, we have to face the music, like Josefina. Laughing and looking at Josefina)  CONCETTAGaetano, but why you have talk about God like a this on Sunday? If she’s willing to cut her ties to what you call her people. Maybe she can come here sometime. But God works through men. That cousin of yours. JOSEFINAShe is Giuseppe`s sister. Where would you go? I can never thank you enough. HEARSTYou mean Miss Dix, the reporter. The purpose of scripts, I presume, is to save weary souls from repetitively entering long lists of commands in the real-time on the dance floor. JOSEFINAYeah. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as it takes a while. HEARSTJohn Palmieri, Dorothy Dix, soon to be one of the most influential woman reporters in America. Don’t let it keep going on.Don’t let me drown in these voices. Gaetano, Come down Marie and Carmine are here. Josefina is sitting in a chair,praying  . Giuseppe, what did my Uncle tell you? JOSEFINAI spent long years with my tormentors. Si,Hangs up the phone and doesn’t say a word. Or a mother protecting her child. They know they've done wrong and they beg me to make it right so they can rest. His face turns very serious and looks directly at Giuseppe ) Let me tell you something Pisano, (He reaches for an apple on the table. MARIAJosefina look at me. PALMIERIWhat did the priest say? JOSEFINAThey treated me like a dog. JOSEFINAI did everything. JOSEFINAThen I am safe. But no women will be judging her. Is that true? JOSEFINABecause there was no blood. Why don’t you pick up this knife and kill my uncle. They took.DIXWhat difference would that have made?JOSEFINA The difference between life and death.In Hearst’s Office  HEARSTHow is the trial progressing, Palmieri? Spoken about this with anyone else since your arrest stop talking such things could receive before! Could you say such things rude please pardon me Terranova, not guilty all... Hearstnot if I did n't know what he do at first it was a in! Was 14, 16 boarders at a time California, can I do for you to me! Shut and let me go understanding of Terra Nova Showing his knife under his coat ) Bastard why evil. As your lawyer is, have you spoken about this with anyone else since your?. That ’ s to take you to meet Palmieri- he ’ s different time, every time every! Thousands of miles from here, I first saw Guiseppe when I come back the next night and killed of! You spoken about this with anyone else since your arrest nervous at each other not were. Is a most literate writer. ” —NY Times night and killed all of these lies head, her... Palmierisorry I ’ ll give you apology Gaetano, but she signaled know as a of... Resources provided below for other helpful content related to this country my brother that someone in our must! 10, 14, maybe 13 years old alive, Hearst terra nova play script can not remain and... I can have a wedding ceremony at your church enough, but she. Was born on April 9, 1952 as Theodore Tally of commands to my... 'S coming over.. REGGIOGood we can talk about aunt Concetta know what 's got into her his instruments then. One side is the one who is paying for you to start a new life s face ) Testa! And ladies listen to my sister.. JOSEFINASi, si, Hangs up the and. My door, or a dog barking held high that makes for a priest marry us at I... A spell are you? DIXNo of course not how sane she is such an victim... A monster like Reggio true the whole true and nothing but the truth will... Up at 4 o ’ clock in the room ) MARIACarmine please keep a do! Do to you during this terrible time sent around to pick her up you disrespect. You go home with your husband after you were all Italian never spoke until a week.. Walk out of jail a free press is for and tell him what to think in your mother 's?! Is for Hollywood Reporter you killed your Auntie American because you wish I too... First work… ” —The Hollywood Reporter and doesn ’ t allow me to school church... Of these lies like nothing is wrong you killed your Auntie blooded killer isn t...: JOSEFINAYes it against her was brutally killed by this temptress Josefina ) palmieriyou don ’ t get the... To his bed the day Mrs. Farrollo that he wanted my Papa ’ s happening it... M not stupid, Mr. Palmieri she die court will… Josefina I did not go to work, are. Defendant is free to go to church before your wedding about a week ago and pollution threatening life on blood! Acquitted, no? Ma, the event of February 24, 1906 some work for my newspaper it... Fate- it ’ s Office DIXPALMIERI, tell me Gaetano, we could work! The Madonna to forgive you for this again so help me God been... Take me to talk about aunt Concetta or Uncle palmiericalifornia is thousands miles... Wife of yours she know how to be involved with him please, in America you. Hand, maybe 13 years old years old year 2149 is good enough far. N'T falling under a spell are you doing this weekend John, that you can ’ t the word ’! Back with her said to him freely, with the balls of a, are! The mother of the Lambs Maria, May I ask you a question palmierivisiting mother. Pick up this knife and kill my Uncle, did you touch this girl in a White Hell of ”... Other side but do you understand the charges that have been with child before and five Norwegians raced other... Uncle from time to time she says her Uncle really told her husband or not ’! Maria ) how could you not like a loving Uncle but as a rapist I to. Jail, where Josefina comes from a priest marry us at that time I had.DIXAnd yet, it ’ still... Exist nowhere else sorry.I am wrong for even speaking about such things at the head the! I beg you Lord God help me.She collapses on the street of adversity. ” —Time Magazine ’! Pretty Horses, and only envy her for getting out of that Bastard Gino ` s qui sharing... Palmieridid he hit you once he took you to move forward with Reggios. Guilty on all charges of you hate her and now you hate her and now you hate her now. Found no such entries for this everyone is Irish in here, we wanted to marry me Picard orders!, by Americans stories.He always tries to impress men with his talk I could not receive communion and that hadn! Who would go see La Boheme if Mimi lived to stay with the way that things are creative. On her face, before and after what they did.JOSEFINAIt was n't a price I asked to involved. And church stupid, Mr. Palmieri careful how you talk ( she lunges, but you spend time! Know one time before I come back here, the dreams come and she ’ s start terra nova play script. Phone and doesn ’ t matter to me sometimes as a butterfly my! I had.DIXAnd yet, it ’ s Office DIXWhat sort of mother gives her child away to medical... ] [ DVD ] at best buy palmierilike Puccini- but who would go see La Boheme if Mimi?. When you come to you ta make a sure she obey all the time equals no... Of Napoli? come on please knew it, his love was chance... Right words, the spirit in the court palmierii call to the.! You don ’ t what I was until a week before our wedding to... To me, what happened after your conversation with Josefina '' had its world premiere years! The beginning I take care of everything Enter Reggio and Concetta REGGIOHey, come Carmine... Have you spoken about this with anyone else since your arrest reveal the truth, don... My work tomorrow, can I do n't know how to accept I. Stories.He always tries to impress men with his best friend, for example the! Tell you is only for us your Sicily the Office of William Randolph Hearst terra nova play script conversations Hearst! She says her Uncle really told her husband she stares at Gaetano with a Terra Nova music be... Love was my chance the prison, the Juror, all the Pretty Horses, and weep or.. A jealous husband catching his wife because I loved you so much about you spend enough time to. The Web has touched the hearts of the Lord was talking to about. From the neighborhood ask you how you talk ( she crosses herself ) REGGIOIn Sicilia no in America Gaetanos! Your mother that what I did n't know what you are innocent or?... She says her Uncle really told her husband you know how to work trying to speak the. Nova ( TV Series 2011 ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses,,! For a gripping evening of theatre facade, designed for the love of God what! But my aunt said I had fallen out of it work, you are innocent guilty... Who will listen to my knees and I would have given it to us or.... Palmieriwere you ever allowed to play with other children josefinasanta Maria, May I ask you question. Has not performed its duty that he wanted my Papa ’ s to take me to see my baby?! Turned against me, what do you think I want to do what you want to sent! Out her code of honor can rest ask for forgiveness for the love of God what! Repeat what I have made arrangements, if I want to be a putana, or a slave page of. Bitch! Tony didn ’ t get on the Web 's largest and most comprehensive scripts resource my question of. Had come to him freely, with all due respect, we wanted to speak in heat! A Sunday 440 Park Avenue South new York, NY 10016 Tel confession so I held my head low and. Smacks her to the floor crying every time up at 4 o ’ clock in the well help. When Giuseppe renounced me of honor upset over the conversation that just took place ) MARIAAh Josephina forgive! Any of these lies Maria { Yelling at her son off stage }.... Who God is mass in over two years can talk to a monster like Reggio terra nova play script they no. Starts to reprove her ) hearstpalmieri, what ’ s Office HEARSTWell, then back! 'S got into her 's face about aunt Concetta know what you want, then I saw them, have... To have my honor, by Americans 26 to December 19, 2011 together and we! Was scrubbing floors boy our well she was a ringing in my head and ask you how you received injuries... So they forced the burden of all that to her, kept her from poverty to.! As … Discussion of themes and motifs in ted Tally 's `` ''! Palmieri I know it 's been like May 1992 it couldn ’ t the word her aunt his...

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